The Beginning Of Superman

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 Tim Tebow is no stranger to the spotlight. He was a part of the Florida Gators national championship teams in 2006 and 2008. He also set numerous SEC Conference records as a Gator. And let’s not forget, he won the Heisman Trophy in 2007. We can spend all day going through all the stats. However all that now takes backseat to a Super Bowl ad.

Controversy has surrounded a commercial featuring Tebow and his mother, Pam. The ad, from Focus On The Family, an evangelical organization that opposes abortion, featured the story surrounding the beginning of the Tebow legacy.

The ad depicts while on a Christian missionary trip to the Phillipines, Pam Tebow suffered a life-threatening infection while pregnant. Doctors suggested having an abortion because of the medication she was on, but Pam refused to abort her baby and gave birth to the future Heisman winner.

In the commercial, she talked about how she almost lost her baby “so many times”, and viewers were directed towards the organization’s website for more on the story. There was no mention of pro-life during the spot.

Pro-abortion groups were upset that CBS would air the commercial. The reasons could be debated all day long. The fact is Focus On The Family paid the money to run the spot just like any other organization or business. As far as all the pleas to drop the ad, CBS says “our standards and practices process continues to adhere to a process that ensures all ads — on all sides of an issue — are appropriate for air. We will continue to consider responsibly produced ads from all groups for the few remaining spots in Super Bowl XLIV.”  Sounds like all sides had a chance to voice their side. The argument over the ad may be far from over.

Will the commercial have any impact on Tebow in the upcoming NFL draft? A tough Senior Bowl showing fueled the fire for all Tebow detractors. Many feel he won’t be successful in a pro-style set as he was in the run, gun and fun college system at Florida. I think he’ll continue to get looks and be drafted, possibly in the second round. Some have already written him off without much of a chance.  But after seeing the commercial and reading the story, Tebow is familiar with overcoming the odds.

It runs in the family.

Written by C. James


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