A Blue Heaven

I would like to shine some light on a sport that can be classified as underrated. A sport I was familiar with, but really started following over the last month or so. The more I watched, the more I got into it. What sport you ask? The answer is lacrosse.

All the action over the last couple of weeks centered around the national tournament. There was no shortage of exciting games this year in Baltimore. You had Army against Cornell to go along with the Battle of Tobacco Road between North Carolina and Duke. Throw in Virginia and Stony Brook and you got yourself a lacrosse tournament. I also found it ironic that one NCAA tourney game pitted Duke against Virginia, two schools surrounded by controversy the last couple of years. Funny how things work out in sports sometimes.

The best game to date had to be Duke and Virginia. It looked like Virginia had the game won, but with just a few seconds left Duke pulled off a miracle and scored to tie it up. Overtime here we come. In OT, Duke shocked the top seeded Cavaliers and advanced to the championship game.

The national title game proved to be worth every penny. Duke fought their way through the bracket and matched up against underdog Notre Dame. The game was a low-scoring affair with each team digging in and answering the call when the chips were down. The Fighting Irish never backed down from 5th seeded Duke and it simply added to the drama.

This too would come down to overtime and literally after the extra session began, it was over. Duke scored 5 seconds into OT and won 6-5, their first national title in lacrosse. It was the second year in a row the NCAA title came down to overtime. In 2009, Syracuse beat Cornell to earn their 2nd straight national championship.

Throughout the tournament the crowds showed up and were in it from the very start. From what I saw, it appears the popularity of lacrosse is on the rise.

So break out those sticks, lacrosse fever is in the air.

Catch it if you can.

Written by C. James


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