A Bull In The Hall

Scottie Pippen

I’m glad to see Scottie Pippen taking his rightful place in the Basketball Hall of Fame today. Growing up watching the dynasty that was the Chicago Bulls, it’s the logical choice.

Pippen had a game to idolize and learn from. He was Robin to Michael Jordan’s Batman, but could take over a game when needed. Without Pippen, the Bulls would be without some of those world championships. He was smooth on the court, and that elevate Jordan’s game even more because teams had two stars to contain instead of just one.

Recognized as one of the 50 greatest players in the NBA, the 6-7 guard/forward came out of nowhere to be a star. He played college ball at the University of Central Arkansas, and soon became a basketball genius. He had the ability to not only score, but could bring the ball down the court, make passes that most point guards couldn’t make, and lock down on defense. And he made it look easy. Pippen was one of the best all-around players of his generation.

Pippen was a 6-time champ and member of the gold medal winning 1992 Olympic Dream Team. I remember watching the dominance that was the 1995-1996 Bulls team that finished with a 72-10 record. The magic surrounding that team every time they walked onto the court was unforgettable.

Seeing number 33 going into the Hall is a special moment for those who played on the blacktop trying to mimic his game, but couldn’t come close to it.

Written by C. James

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