Staying Chipper

Chipper Jones

Not the way you want your career to end. Maybe that’s not the case after all for the man who has been the face of the Atlanta Braves franchise.

Earlier this season, there was talk about retirement for 3rd baseman Chipper Jones. Not so fast.

Granted coming back next season will be a little tougher for Chipper, as he will undergo major knee surgery after tearing his left ACL. The injury occurred as he attempted to make a jump-throw on a grounder and will cost him the rest of the season. It was a highlight play, but came with consequences.

Recovery is expected to take about 6 months, so Chipper should be ready to go for the start of spring training next year.

The former MVP was struggling early this season, but began to turn it around. All the “washed-up” talk stopped as the baseball world started seeing the Chipper of old. Now, with the impending surgery, many are hoping that wasn’t the last show.

I fully expect to see a plaque of Chipper in the Hall of Fame once his career is officially over. He has a .306 career batting average with 436 homers. No switch-hitter in baseball history has a .300 average and at least 300 career homers. He won the NL MVP award in 1999 and NL batting title in 2007. The 6-time All-Star also has a world championship in his pocket with the 1995 Braves team. Good enough resume for me.

Here’s hoping for one more year from one of the all-time Braves.


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