Road To Stillwater

From the diamond to the gridiron, Brandon Weeden has seen and experienced a lot. This fall, he will live the experience of being a college quarterback.

Weeden will be under center for the Oklahoma State Cowboys this fall. Another gunslinger in the Big 12, or whatever they call it now. The journey to take the snaps for the Pokes is what makes this interesting.

Weeden was a first round pick by the New York Yankees in 2002. He even got a call from the Boss himself, George Steinbrenner. As a pitcher, he played a couple of seasons in the Yankees minor league system before being traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. After being in the Dodgers system for a few more years, Weeden started to get that football itch. Soon afterwards, he was throwing high velocity darts to wide receivers at OSU.

Weeden has yet to start a game for OSU, but there still remains excitement in the air in Stillwater. Mike Gundy’s offense should suit Weeden’s game, as evidence of the second half against Colorado last season. With starter Zac Robinson injured, Weeden came in and went 10-15 with 2 TD passes in the Cowboys win. Right then and there, Gundy knew he found his starter for 2010.

At 27 years old, Weeden brings plenty of maturity and experience to the OSU locker room. If OSU wants to take the next step to be on the level of OU and Texas, the tangibles Weeden brings to the table could be valuable.

Written by C. James


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