New Life In KC

Matt Cassel

What a great day in sports for my old stomping ground.

Kansas City was buzzing after a busy day at the Sports Complex off I-70. It started earlier in the day at Kaufman Stadium with the Royals playing the Oakland A’s, losing 3-1. And yes, the Royals continue to function like an irrelevant organization.

The nightcap was what it’s all about. After months of dealing with the mess that is the Royals, hope springs internal with the start of the 2010 Chiefs season.

All eyes were on Arrowhead Stadium for the Monday Night Football showdown with the San Diego Chargers. What a showdown it was. It looked like a new Chiefs squad with the cluster of new players and rookies. Head Coach Todd Haley enters his 2nd season at the helm. Former Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weiss takes over as offensive coordinator. Romeo Crennel takes over the defensive unit. It’s basically the New England Patriots of the West when you also add General Manager Scott Pioli, QB Matt Cassel and LB Mike Vrabel.

The game lived up to its billing. Down 7-0, RB Jamaal Charles answered with a 56-yard dart to the left for the TD. The Chiefs took the lead in the 2nd after Cassel found TE Tony Moeaki all by his lonesome in the endzone. The real spark was provided by rookie Dexter McCluster, who took a 94-yard punt return all the way back for the score. It may have been a rainy night, but it was rockin one.

It all came down to 4th and goal with 39 seconds left in the game. With the Chargers driving, Philip Rivers couldn’t connect in the Red Zone and the Chiefs held on for the 21-14 win. New Arrowhead, New Life in KC.

So, it was a day to remember for a city that hasn’t had many in recent years. Hopefully, it’s a new beginning to a return to prominence for KC.

Written by C. James


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