Remembering “The Ten”

On January 27th, a tragic anniversary will be remembered involving the Oklahoma State basketball program. In 2001, a small plane carrying ten members of the program crashed in Byers, Colorado, killing all those on board. Since then, “The Ten” have never been forgotten.

It’s hard to believe that ten years have gone by since that fateful night which shook the OSU community and the entire state of Oklahoma. The plane was set to return after a game with Colorado when they encountered snowy weather. Unfortunately, they never made it back home.

However “The Ten” still remain in the hearts and minds of the Cowboys community. Those who were lost that day:

Daniel Lawson – Guard
Nate Fleming – Guard
Pat Noyes – Director of Basketball Operations.
Will Hancock – Sports Media Relations
Brian Luinstra – Trainer
Jared Weiberg – Manager
Bill Teegins – Cowboys Sports Play-By-Play Announcer
Kendall Durfey – Master Control Supervisor, Educational Television Services at OSU.
Denver Mills – Pilot
Bjorn Fahlstrom – Pilot.

Every year, Library Carillon tolls 10 times at 6:37 p.m. on January 27th, the exact time the plane went down. There is also a memorial inside Gallagher-Iba Arena’s lobby to honor “The Ten”.

Even though a lot has changed at OSU since the crash, the university has remained true to its pledge to never forget. Learning about “The Ten” transcends the coaching staff, and players also help keep the memories alive. Players pass the memorial a dozen times or more a week and the upper classmen make sure new Cowboys know about the crash and understand what it means to the OSU family.

The community still lends out a helping hand to the family members affected by the tragedy. The annual “Remember the Ten” run takes place in April, raising money for grief counseling at OSU.  For some of the victims’ families, the Stillwater event has become a sort of yearly reunion, a chance to catch up with each other without the emotions that always resurface in January.

The words emblazoned on the memorial to “The Ten” says it all: “We Will Remember.”

Written by C. James

* To register for this year’s race on April 16, visit

* To make a contribution to OSU Counseling Services, go to


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