Walkoff For Chuck

Chuck Greenberg

Coming off a successful, yet drama-filled, 2010 season, the Texas Rangers were hoping for a fresh start to 2011. However, that isn’t the case for the defending American League champs.

First, they lost out on the Cliff Lee sweepstakes. Then third baseman Michael Young asked to be traded after the team approached him about making another position switch, which could result in less playing time. Now managing general partner and CEO Chuck Greenberg has stepped down from his post, a spot he fought hard to get.

Speculation has taken off on the abrupt departure between Greenberg and the Rangers. Several months ago it seemed like a match made in heaven when Greenberg teamed up with team president Nolan Ryan, Ray Davis and Bob Simpson to form the Rangers Baseball Express group and buy the Rangers, who were bankrupt at the time. Despite making it through all the bankruptcy court hearings and bidding wars, it appears this combination wouldn’t last long. Nolan Ryan and Chuck Greenberg

Both sides say the split was due to “different styles of operating” and there was not going to be a meeting on the mound to resolve those differences. Ryan will now take over the CEO duties for the organization.

Sources say the departure was a result of various factors during the offseason. One included Greenberg selling a suite at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington that general manager Jon Daniels used for meetings and to entertain family members and various opposing front-office people. Ryan and Daniels didn’t want the suite sold. Another was that many felt Greenberg got too involved in the Lee free agency talks and the attempt to trade Young. Either way, both sides won’t elaborate on the details.

It’s a shame this didn’t work out for Greenberg. He seemed like a genuine nice guy and excited to build a winning organization in Arlington. There’s no word on what Greenberg’s plans are now, but I wish him nothing but the best of luck and success in whatever they may be.

 Written by C. James


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