Royals A Test To Rangers Bullpen

Kansas City Royals Logo

Plenty has been made over the lack of production from the Texas Rangers bullpen. The recent struggles could be put to the test at home this weekend against the Kansas City Royals.

Kansas City has become the cardiac kids. The Royals have won four games this year in their last at-bat, so being dramatic is getting to be a habit.

The Royals scored two runs in the bottom of the ninth Thursday night to beat the Cleveland Indians 3-2. They beat the Los Angeles Angels a couple of times on opening weekend the same way.

Needless to say, Kansas City is heading into this series with a little momentum.

On the other hand, the Rangers have dropped six of eight since a 9-1 start.

A couple of weeks into the season, manager Ron Washington is still trying to figure out what he has in his bullpen besides closer Neftali Feliz.

Veteran lefties Darren Oliver and Arthur Rhodes have shown flashes of consistency but have also been hit around in tight situations. Really the same could be said about Darren O’Day, who has struggled with his command — not the scenario you feel comfortable enough going into this series.

So it should be interesting to see how the Rangers match up with the Royals as the game heads toward the late innings.

One thing is for sure, Washington isn’t too worried. He said earlier this week that: “It’s only April… no time to panic; we’ll be fine.”

This weekend could be a test on whether that is true or not.

Written by C. James


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