The Adventures Of Julio

Julio Borbon Catch

The adventure continues for Julio Borbon.

Borbon had trouble on some balls hit to centerfield in the Texas Rangers 3-1 loss to the Oakland A’s. More heat could be coming his way since there were already questions about his defense. You might remember the fly ball drop he had on opening day against Boston after the Rangers gave him the keys to the centerfield spot.  Since then, Borbon has been under a microscope and Friday night didn’t really help.

Borbon dropped a fly ball hit to deep center by Daric Barton in the 3rd inning. That would come back to haunt the Rangers as Barton would come around to score on Kurt Suzuki’s RBI single. It seemed Borbon had trouble tracking the fly from the start, but his speed allowed him to catch up to it. He just couldn’t squeeze it into his glove. This came after a missed one hit to shallow center earlier in the game. The ball landed about two feet in front of him despite the dive he made, clearly one he didn’t have a shot at. Can’t really knock the hustle on the play, but it almost led to damage.

In all fairness, Borbon has been stellar in center to this point. Errors will happen, and do happen to the best of them. Many are just worried that this may become a trend. However, if Borbon can turn his .218 batting average around soon and provide stellar defense, what happened in April will stay in April.

Written by C. James


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