Poised For Success

Boston Bruins Celebrate - Game 2

So is Bruins Nation being optimistic or pessimistic? The good news is Boston is up 2-0 in their Eastern Conference semifinal series with the Philadelphia Flyers. The worry: they were up 3-0 last year and lost 4 straight to the Flyers, a meltdown still on the minds of the Bruins faithful. However, they are making it real easy to forget about the past.

It took overtime, but David Krejci’s goal helped the Bruins beat the Flyers 3-2 to go up 2 games, with both wins on the road. Games 3 and 4 now move to Boston and spirits are high right now for the Bruins.Tim Thomas Save - Game 2

The MVP of Game 2 has to go to Tim Thomas. Thomas had 52 saves (that’s right, I said 52) in the game, 22 in the 3rd period alone. Most goalies don’t even get that many in an entire game. What’s even more impressive is Thomas didn’t even play in last year’s series, and is playing like there’s no pressure at all. Could be the only way you make 52 saves on the road in front of a hostile Flyers crowd.

The Bruins set the tone in Game 1 in a 7-3 blowout win, sending a message that what happened last year is a distant memory. Add to the fact that the win in Game 2 was their 4th OT victory in the 2011 playoffs shows they also have a flare for the dramatic.

At the moment, the Bruins look poised for success. Like I said before, the Bruins are making the past real easy to forget, and making the faithful more optimistic as the series goes on.

Written by C. James


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