Young Redemption

Michael Young Swings

Wasn’t Michael Young supposed to be unhappy about being a bit player on the Texas Rangers? If so, he has an interesting way of showing it.

Young, who was upset about being moved from his third base position after being moved from shortstop, may be taking his frustrations out on the cowhide. In the 5-4 loss to the Oakland A’s in extra innings, Young had a two-run double and a sacrifice fly. He has now driven in nine runs over the last six games.

Young leads the team with a .342 average going into a three-game series with the Seattle Mariners. The power isn’t there yet, with just one home run. But his 23 RBI’s ties the man who took his place at third base, Adrian Beltre, for the team lead. Michael Young Hit

It appears Young has put his feelings aside and decided to let his play do the talking. And being the most versatile player doesn’t hurt either, considering he can play all four infield positions and DH. This allows the Rangers to keep his bat in the line-up on a daily basis.

If this is a test of character, Young is passing it so far with flying colors.

Written by C. James


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