Announcers Love Affair With The Heat?

DIrk Game 2 Winner

I’m guessing that the Miami Heat cheerleading squad is set and has been all season long.

But if you listened to the telecast of the Dallas Mavericks‘ historic Game 2 win last night, you would think the three announcers were vying for an open spot on the team.

The ESPN and ABC team of Mike Breen, Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy spent plenty of time gushing over Miami, particularly the Heat’s Big Two in Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. Dallas native Chris Bosh got a little love, but nothing compared to his two teammates.

You would think the Heat were playing themselves, because you didn’t hear much of the Mavs.

A classic example: After Dirk ReboundLeBron made a shot after getting fouled, Jackson spoke on the Dallas defense, saying, “I don’t understand what you’re supposed to do.” Van Gundy simply replied, “Lose.”

Apparently the Mavs didn’t get that message, coming back from 15 down midway through the fourth to win.

While this comeback unfolded, it wasn’t exactly the Heat and their fans that seemed “shocked.” It was those involved in calling the game.

More of the media focus on that side wasn’t concentrated on the Mavs climbing back to win, it seemed to be more on how the Heat lost. Basically, you saw the smugness of the Heat return after the Wade 3-pointer near the Mavs bench. Yet, all you heard was how clutch it was, almost like it was celebrated.

According to one report concerning Game 1, the Heat stars got 60 percent of the mentions from the broadcasters. Miami’s Big Three were mentioned on 263 occasions from tip-off through signoff. Need I say more?

ESPN/ABC have to be more careful of their love-affair type coverage over LeBron and company.

You could actually date this back to “The Decision” last summer, when LeBron made them a lot of money. But it’s getting to be painfully obvious and turning a lot of fans off.

Maybe with the series tied 1-1 and the Mavs getting a little more respect, that tune will change.

Written by C. James

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