The Time Was Now

Dallas Mavericks Trophy

After Game 6, head coach Rick Carlisle said “Mavericks Basketball Is 48 Minutes.” It had been that way all year, and the end result was a world championship.

The Mavs were finally able to bring that elusive title to Dallas, and did it against the hated Miami Heat. Along the way, there were 4th quarters comebacks of epic proportion, including the 15-point one in Game 2 that stunned the Heat and showed the world that the Mavs were on a mission. There wasn’t going to be any sort of meltdown like in years past or similar to the loss in Portland in the first round where they gave up the big lead. The thought of “here we go again” crept into everyone’s mind. Well, almost everyone, because the Mavs thought otherwise.

They dispatched of Portland, turned around and swept the 2-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers, and outlasted an up-and-coming Oklahoma City Thunder squad.  Up next was the Heat, with their Big 3 of LeBron James, Dywane Wade and Chris Bosh. But the one thing the South Beach Showboaters didn’t have was a way to stop Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry.

Dirk and Terry were on the 2006 team that lost to the Heat in the Finals, and weren’t going to let it happen again. Nothing, including Wade and James mocking Dirk with the infamous “coughing” incident before Game 5, was going to stand in the way. Kind of ironic they mocked Dirk, who did nothing but hand it to them in every game of the series. Childish and ignorant, of course it is. Any wonder how the Heat could have lost so convincely. Take a look at the actions of those two. Bosh was the only one who didn’t act like he was still in high school.

Nothing can take away what Dirk accomplished in this series, and it was something that legends are made of. He did what the two who mocked him couldn’t do, which was come through in the clutch. Jason Terry TrophyThe same could be said of Terry and the rest of the Mavs. There weren’t any teams left standing that could keep Jet and company from taking off.

I was fortunate to see about 20 games, including the playoffs and Finals, at the AAC this past season. It was something that I’ll never forget. The first game was actually against the Heat back in November, which resulted in a win. Throughout the season, you started to get that feeling this year was different, even in December and January when they were flying under everyone’s radar. It was a treat to see Dirk, Jet and Jason Kidd play throughout the season and see it end with a trophy.

Now, everyone knows who the Dallas Mavericks are and what they’re made of. During the postseason, the motto for Mavs Nation was “The Time Is Now.”

It certainly was.

Written by C. James

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