Vindication For Romo

Tony Romo Celebrates

For all the heat that Tony Romo has taken the last couple of years, vindication is on display from just the last couple of weeks.

Romo suffered a fractured rib, and later diagnosed with a collapsed lung, in the Dallas Cowboys’ Week 2 win over the San Francisco 49ers. A week earlier, in the 9/11 loss to the New York Jets, calls were coming in about how the Cowboys needed another quarterback. Those same “fans” appear to have lost their phone because those calls aren’t being made now.

Romo apparently suffered the injury in the first half against the 49ers, taking what looked like a normal hit after a throw. But soon the reports of an injury started coming in. Romo didn’t start the 3rd quarter, but came back in the game and led the Cowboys to the come-from-behind win.

Throughout the following week, the “question of the day” was whether Romo would be able to play Monday night against the Washington Redskins in the home opener. There was serious doubts since he only practiced once during game week.  It wasn’t until Monday that Romo would indeed play with the fractured rib, and would wear a protective vest to help absorb the pain. Tony Romo Pass Against Redskins

The rest is what legacies are made off. No doubt playing in pain, he completed 22-of-36 passes for 255 yards in the Cowboys 18-16 win. He basically saved the day by finding Dez Bryant on a 3rd and long to keep the Cowboys alive. If that play doesn’t happen, the Cowboys lose. After the game, Romo admitted that he had to take two pain-killer injections just to make it through.

Any talk of Romo not caring or taking his role seriously as the leader of “America’s Team” has no basis whatsoever right now. Very few would have suited up a week after suffering those injuries, and even fewer would have came back in the same game. Romo wants to win, and if his performance against the Redskins on Monday Night Football is any indication, willing to put it all on the line to do it.

Tony Romo answered the call, and nobody can question it.

Written by C. James


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