The Issue Of Dez Being Dez

Dez Bryant

Dez being Dez just isn’t good enough anymore.

The troubled times of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has reached the boiling point over the past week. This time Dez was arrested for domestic abuse after allegedly assaulting his mother during a heated argument. That’s right, his own mother. This comes after going through some legal troubles last year for running up a jewelry tab and not paying for it.

Sure, Dez went through a troubled childhood in Lufkin, which isn’t exactly a vacation destination, but so have other people, and they’re not assaulting their mother. There may be more to the story, but what we’ve heard so far is serious enough. The problem is this may soon be forgiven and forgotten the minute he puts on the pads.  In fact, it doesn’t matter if there is an apology issued or not, it would happen anyways.

This kind of behavior isn’t exactly accepted by society, except when it comes to the world of sports.  And there are reasons for it, whether it’s because of the money involved or the “Gotta Support The Team” mentality by those watching. Sometimes winning, or the need to feel a part of it, is more important than morals.

Here’s the perfect example of this type of thinking. A recent headline on a local sports website read “Time for Dez Bryant’s talent to be worth the trouble.” Really? So it’s O-K for people to act like fools as long as they perform on the field? Believe it or not, there are fans out there who think so. You’ll see little kids and grown men wearing the jersey of a player with issues and all is forgotten as long as winning is involved. And if the Cowboys were to cut ties with Dez tomorrow, another team would sign him up without thinking twice. It’s the nature of the business, and that team’s fan base would be ecstatic. I’ll save the psychology aspect of the “fan” perception for another time.

As far as Dez goes, there are no more excuses. What he did was unacceptable, and there’s no defending it. There have been too many incidents of behavior problems and questionable mentor figures dating back to his time at Oklahoma State. Dez will probably face discipline from the Cowboys and the NFL over this latest incident. The time is now to grow up and get things straight, because if not things will go from bad to worse.

Written by C. James

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