30 Years Later…

Royals Win World Series

Courtesy: kansascity.com

The year was 1985.

A 10-year old boy, who suffered tragedy a few months earlier, sat in his room and watched his favorite team win the World Series. Was it meant to be? The team that his father got him hooked on just became the best team in baseball. A bright spot in a very dark year.

Fast forward 30 years later, and that once 10-year old boy sat in front of the TV in the heart of Texas Rangers country and watched the Kansas City Royals win it all again for the first time since 1985.

What a long, strange trip.

The Royals were terrible during the 1990’s. The young boy would grow up to play baseball himself, and the road took him, of all places, to a college in northwest Missouri. Who would’ve guessed. During those days, it wasn’t hard to get into a Royals game. You could buy an outfield ticket and end up behind home plate by the third inning. The teams were bad, but the chance to see the organization you grew up watching was priceless.

In 2014, the Royals left the mediocrity in the past and went on a run that led them to the World Series, a place they hadn’t been in for 29 years. They were the rage of the town, and of the sports world. The ending was far from fairy tale, the Royals coming up 90 feet short in Game 7. It just wasn’t meant to be.

A year later, it all worked out. The Royals once again became the talk of the sports world, and World Series champions, just like in 1985. The drought was over. You sat there speechless. Words cannot describe the thoughts and feeling running wild inside as you watched the celebration on the field, just like you did 30 years earlier. That’s the way baseball go, and life in general.

One thing was for sure, you felt like that 10-year kid all over again.

Written by C. James


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