So what kind of team is the Mavericks?

Mavericks Court

I’m guessing many of you were like me, waking up this morning and asking yourself “what kind of team do we have with the Dallas Mavericks this year?” Great question, and I’m not sure anyone knows the answer.

One night, they look like a team that can do some damage in the playoffs if the match-up is right. The next night, they look like a team that could be in the draft lottery. The Mavs look good against the bad teams and bad against the good teams. Welcome to the 2015-16 season.

Yes, they did beat Golden State back in December, but the Warriors were without Stephen Curry. That’s a big piece missing. Second time around, Warriors lit them up. Right now, the West is the Golden State, San Antonio, Oklahoma City and everyone else. Get hot and you’re the fourth seed; bad showing and you’re out of the picture. That’s how close the middle of the pack is.

The Mavs had a nice opportunity Wednesday night to show something, facing the Miami Heat at home in downtown Dallas. Chandler Parsons was on fire with 12 points in the first quarter, not much after that. Dirk Nowitzki did Dirk Nowitzki things, 28 points on the night while making some highlight reel shots. But the Mavs dug themselves into a 12-point hole in the third quarter and could never climb out of it, losing 93-90 and leaving a lot of fans shaking their heads as they hit the exit afterwards.

Consistency will be the key for the Mavs during the second half of the season. Then we might find out what kind of team this really is.

Until then, who knows.

By C. James


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