Dez Bryant: Close To “Getting Back To My Old Self”


Courtesy: Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is getting closer. Bryant hasn’t been fully cleared to practice, but did catch passes during the pre-practice walk-through, along with some extra cardio work on the side at Wednesday’s organized team activities.

Bryant is recovering from offseason foot and ankle surgery and is set to have more X-ray’s next week on his foot. If all’s good, he’s expected to be fully cleared to practice.

“I’m actually a little ahead of the game, but I’m going to stay patient,” said Bryant. “We got a long way to go. Ready to play some football.”

No doubt that Bryant is ready to get back on the field at full speed, and for good reason. On paper, the Cowboys look like they could have a fun offense to watch this season with Tony Romo at quarterback, rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott and the durable veteran Jason Witten at tight end.

“I’m looking forward to it,” said Bryant. ““I think we’re going to be real strong. We’re going to be a physical football team.”

The Cowboys have always been a little cautious with Bryant and the plan is to increase his workload during OTAs next week. Bryant himself expects to play at an elite level this season, maybe even surpassing his All-Pro year in 2014. He caught 16 touchdowns for 1,320 yards that season.

“I’m past that. I’m going to be better than that,” said Bryant.

Written by C. James


One response to “Dez Bryant: Close To “Getting Back To My Old Self”

  1. This is good for football. One of the top 3 receivers in the game needs to be ready to go for the season to be complete. Good write-up and I’m looking forward to following your blog…

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