Rangers Expected To Sign Top International Catcher

Texas Rangers Logo

Venezuela seems to be the destination for international scouts when they want to sign a catcher. The Texas Rangers are right there in the mix.

According to Baseball America, the Rangers may be the odds-on favorite to sign Abrahan Gutierrez, considered to be the top international catching prospect.

Many scouts are comparing Gutierrez to Mike Piazza, except with better defensive instincts and a stronger throwing arm. The 15-year old is expected to sign a major deal in July.

Scouting reports have read that Gutierrez is average to plus across the board with power to all fields. He’s still very young and can develop offensively. Gutierrez has been training with former big leaguer Carlos Guillen.

An edge the Rangers may have is International Scouting Director Rafic Saab, who works out of his home in Venezuela. Saab joined the Rangers in 2006 as a Venezuela-based scout and became the Latin American Operations director in 2014.

As a scout, he was instrumental in the signings of Martin Perez and Rougned Odor, both natives of Venezuela.

Written by C. James


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