How The Mavericks Benefited From The Warriors

Mavericks Court

It didn’t look promising at first, but the Mavericks may have salvaged their free agency season.

The top priorities for Dallas going into the offseason, Memphis guard Mike Conley and Heat center Hassan Whiteside, decided to stay with their current teams on max contracts. Chandler Parsons felt the road to Memphis was a better career path, so he left the Mavericks and accepted a deal with the Grizzlies.

It started to look like another offseason full of misses and disappointments. However, things might work out after all, thanks to Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors.

The Mavericks made an offer to free agent forward Harrison Barnes, who was considered a fourth-option on offense last season for the Warriors. Golden State said they would match any offer presented to Barnes unless Durant decided to take his talent to the Bay Area.

On Monday, Durant chose to do just that, which means it’s now wide open between the Mavericks and Barnes. The only thing left is for Barnes to officially accept the offer the two sides have reportedly agreed to after the NBA’s moratorium period ends July 7th.

The Mavericks weren’t done, still needing help at the center position. Once again, Golden State provided, agreeing to send Andrew Bogut to Dallas in a move that helps both sides. The Mavericks get a center while the Warriors clear out salary cap room for Durant.

So what does this mean as far as the big picture? It almost certainly keeps the face of the Mavericks franchise, Dirk Nowitzki, in Dallas. Nowitzki is also a free agent, but wants to stay in the place where he’s played his entire 18-year career. After Monday, they’re definitely in a better spot to make sure that happens.

This might not have been Plan A, but it helps.

Written by C. James


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