Elvis Andrus Named Rangers Player Of The Year


Rangers Andrus POY

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The 2017 season was considered a disappointment for the Rangers. Yes, they were in the wild card hunt until the final weeks of the season. But once the smoke cleared, the Rangers finished under .500 and then watched the in-state rival Houston Astros make their march towards a World Series title.

Needless to say, that really didn’t sit well in Arlington.

However, there were a few bright spots for the Rangers last season, one of those being the play of shortstop Elvis Andrus.  Simply put, Andrus had himself a career year. For that, he was named the Rangers Player of the Year by the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America.

Andrus hit .297 with career highs in runs (100), hits (191), doubles (44), home runs (22) and RBI (88) in 158 games. He also ranked third in the American League in hits and was also a finalist for the Gold Glove award for his defensive work at shortstop.

The two-time All-Star turns 29 in August. Why is that important? Andrus is in the prime of his career and continues to grow as a player, both on the field and in the clubhouse. That will be a key ingredient if the Rangers want to return playing October baseball.

Andrus is signed through 2022 with an opt-out clause following the 2018 season.

Other award recipients will be named in the upcoming weeks, including the Rangers’ 2017 Pitcher and Rookie of the Year.


The Saga Between Jerry Jones And NFL Owners On The Verge Of Going “Nuclear”


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The possibility of a contract extension for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has created drama between Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and other team owners around the league. In fact, it may be on the verge of going “nuclear.”

Several owners have given Jones a cease-and-desist warning, threatening to punish him concerning his efforts to block the extension. The warning was issued by six of the owners on the NFL Compensation Committee after the group held a conference call on Monday. This was less than two weeks after Jones threatened to sue the league and the owners who were working on a new contract for Goodell.

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank issued a statement on Monday, stating the negotiations with Goodell are moving forward.

“The Committee is continuing its work towards finalizing a contract extension with the Commissioner, consistent with the mandate provided in the unanimous May 2017 Resolution,” Blank wrote. “Regardless of what may have been reported, the Committee is working within the financial parameters outlined to the ownership at the May meeting. The negotiations are progressing and we will keep ownership apprised of the negotiations as they move forward. We do not intend to publicly comment on our discussions.”

Jones and Blanks did not speak to each other before Sunday’s game in Atlanta. It didn’t help, at least for Jones, that the Falcons beat the Cowboys 27-7 later that evening.

What all this may come down to is a fight for control of the NFL. Jerry Jones verses Roger Goodell and other league owners may be the biggest matchup of the season. Goodell reportedly wants nearly $49.5 million per year, lifetime use of a private jet and lifetime health insurance for his family. Jones, who has played a large part in the growth of the NFL over the years, doesn’t appear to be on board with the requests.

Jones has been accused of trying to “overthrow” Goodell and is not happy with how business is going concerning the league, which involves the controversy surrounding the national anthem protests and a decline in ratings.

There is also a more personal element involved in the feud, which surrounds the six-game suspension of Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott for a violation of the league’s personal conduct policy. Elliott will serve at least four games of that suspension until his next hearing on December 1. Jones remains adamant that his running back did not deserve a suspension because he was never charged in the case.

Things have escalated to the point to where a “nuclear option” has been reportedly discussed among NFL owners concerning Jones.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk cited a league source who said multiple owners have discussed the possibility of the Cowboys owner forfeiting the franchise, which flows from Article VIII of the NFL’s Constitution and Bylaws.

One of the sections of the article would allow the commissioner to force the forfeiture of a team if the owner “has been or is guilty of conduct detrimental to the welfare of the league of professional football.” There is also a $500,000 fine involved somewhere.

Things have now officially got weird.

Florio stated such a move “would trigger years of litigation.” The possibility reportedly emerged due to the “belief among owners that Jones instigated Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter to disparage the NFL, blaming league leadership for ratings declines and, in turn, a reduction in Papa John’s revenues.”

Chances are Jerry Jones isn’t losing control of the Dallas Cowboys anytime soon. However, this shows how much heat there is among Jones and other league owners, which also may not end anytime soon.

So, as the battle for league supremacy off the field continues, it may come down to the fact that if Jones doesn’t drive out Goodell, he may need to worry about Goodell driving him out of the game.